FAA Coupon for Drone Command Live


What is the FAA Coupon? Are you working together with the FAA?

The FAA Coupon is simply a means of encouraging drone operators to follow the rules regarding drone use. Since this is a brand new industry, the laws and regulations are still being put together. And currently, there are a lot of confusing rules and a lot of conflicting issues surrounding the drone industry.

Since we, at the Sky Eye Network, are putting our futures into this industry, we want to work together with the FAA, Congress, and Drone manufacturers to ensure that the drone industry is a healthy, thriving, vibrant industry for years to come. So we are working voluntarily to promote safety and compliance amongst drone operators.

One key reason why the FAA created the Drone Registry database is to promote safety (its not actually to keep track of drone operators, because that is essentially a useless endeavor). We likewise want to encourage the same because it is the foolish and unsafe drone operators who will make the rest of the industry look bad and who can and will cause knee jerk reactions by legislators and regulatory bureaucrats. We want to avoid that.

So, we are offering a huge discount to attend Drone Command Live for those who register with the Drone Registry. In other words, we are incentivizing our customers to comply with FAA regulations. This helps to put our company in a good light with the FAA and other regulatory officials to ensure that we can continue offering the best training and resources to the drone industry as it continues to grow throughout the years.

*Drone Command Live is not associated with nor endorsed by the FAA.
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