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Answers to Common Questions

How is it possible for Damon Darnall, the Drone Boss, to have logged 10,000 flight hours? The drone industry is brand new. That is impossible.

Damon has been flying and competing with remote control blimps, quads, helicopters, and airplanes, etc. since 1976. Often times when preparing for competitions he would fly as much as 42 hours a week. In the off season, he would log upwards of 20 hours of operation time, easily averaging over a 1,000 flight hours a year. Over a 40 year span, it is easy to accumulate much more than 10,000 flight hours which doesn't even take into account the 1,000's of surface drone operation hours he has logged. In reality is there are thousands of untracked hours that were simply omitted.

Damon’s experience is best summed up by Jerry, a Helicopter Pilot/Photographer who attended Drone Command Live and after spending 3 days with the Drone Boss, he concluded, "Damon has probably forgot more about drones then most people will ever know."

I can’t find your 333 in the FAA database. Why not?

Unfortunately, the FAA’s website is not as functional as we’d like. Apparently, certain search queries do not bring up Damon’s info. However, it is there and you can find it by simply searching for “Damon FAA” on Google or clicking on this link directly on the FAA’s website:

Who recognizes your Certificate of Completion? The FAA doesn’t recognize it.

The modern day drone industry, consisting mainly of the use of quadcopters, is a very new industry. So new, in fact, that the FAA does not have regulations standardized for the industry.

The Sky Eye Network is a new and growing organization of drone enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow with this industry long term. They Sky Eye Network’s Drone Pilot Level 1 Certificate which is received by attendees of the Drone Command Live seminar is recognized by our customers, insurance companies, and organizations that respect the value of continued education and training.

As the Drone Industry grows and the Sky Eye Network itself grows within the industry, we fully expect for the Sky Eye Network’s various certification levels to become an industry recognized standard much like PADI licensing is to the scuba diving industry.

How can you possibly claim that someone can be ready to fly commercially after a mere 3 day seminar?

The ability to fly commercially depends on your definition of “commercial flight.” Using this term, we simply mean that we are confident that attendees of the Drone Command Live seminar will be able to confidently operate a drone for a private customer in exchange for a payment. In other words, seminar attendees should be able to fly a drone well enough to charge a customer for their service. We also teach attendees to respect safety guidelines and to fly within their abilities and current weather and wind conditions.

This is not complicated and it does not require thousands of hours or tons of training. We already have dozens of attendees who have learned to fly a drone at Drone Command Live making money in the real world (i.e. commercially). Remember however, past experiences are no guarantee for future outcomes and we make no guarantees, express or implied that anyone who attends the seminar will make any money at all.

What is the FAA Coupon? Are you working together with the FAA?

The answer to this question is here on our website. In short, we have never claimed to be working together with the FAA. However, as a private organization in the drone industry, we want to see this industry grow and thrive. So, we have chosen voluntarily to incentivize our customers to comply with FAA regulations. And for this reason we are offering a coupon to attend our event for those who comply with FAA regulations and register their Drones with the Federal Drone Registry.
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